Mortons Flour

An Exciting Range Of Mortons Flour

The Mortons range is the most extensive and includes both Soda and Wheaten Bread mixes. The wheats are blended and milled just as they were originally developed by Mortons in Ballymena. This experience in milling these flours ensures each bake will be both consistent and give excellent results.

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These flours in particular were designed to satisfy the baking requirements for traditional Irish breads. This meant producing the correct wheats, mixing them correctly and milling them expertly. 

Highlights of the range include Mortons Plain flour, a versatile flour that produces good even bakes and the Mortons Course Wholemeal which provides the bake with just the right textures.

Other products to note are the Mortons Soda Bread flour and Mortons Wheaten Bread Mix, both of which only require the addition of milk to produce the perfect Soda and Wheaten breads each and every time.

• Mortons Plain flour
• Mortons Self Raising flour
• Mortons Self Raising Cake flour
• Mortons Soda Bread flour
• Mortons Coarse Wholemeal
• Morons Wheaten Bread Mix

All these flours are packed in 1.5kg packets. The plain and self raising are also packed in 3kgs packets.